Monday, December 1, 2014

Singing That Same Old Song...

So everybody knows I really love long hair. But let's face it, your hair needs to be long AND look good, right? Long hair that is scraggly and wimpy on the ends is not doing anybody any favors.

Even if you don't want a haircut at the time of your color appointment (to me this means, done wet, sectioned out and then styled afterward) I will always at least try and talk you into "dusting the ends" (to me, this means I've dried your hair out smooth and then I "whisper trim" the perimeter to make it all look sharp and even and sometimes if you have layers I do the barely-taking off-and-cleaning-up-just-the-ends and everything is just nice and happy.)

Please, know that when I say you should get a haircut at the change of every season I am not saying we need to take 5 inches off or anything major. It's just a maintenance thing for the health and well being of your hair. It will look better! (not to mention longer and healther, without the thin wispy ends.)

Ok. I'm getting off the soapbox.

Book your appointments today either thru the website or using the links on this blog that say "schedule now"

See, no one is going to notice the little bit that's gone but they will notice the bottom looks thicker and healthier. Plus her hair will grow longer and stronger without the splits traveling up and breaking.

Trust me on this one. Get regular trims!

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