Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Short Video about Ammino Smoothing vs. Keratin Smoothing

This is a video of my collegue, Kristine Nichols, which talks a little about the differences between Amino and Keratin Smoothing. Kristine has been doing the Amino Smoothing for over a year now and is our resident expert on the process.
I still like the Keratin Smoothing by Coppola, though I think in some cases - there are people who benefit more from the Amino Smoothing. Also, the Amino smoothing is nice in that it doesn't have the three day, no wash period. But it doesn't last as long as Coppola or get the hair as straight.

Kristine currently charges $170* for the Ammino Fusion Treatment

*Subject to change, call for pricing and scheduling: (206) 322-9280 - E*Clips Hair Studio

March, 2014: I do not do Thermafuse Amino Smoothing at Studio Three. Please contact E*Clips for information

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