Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Word About Female Hair Loss

Any woman who suffers from hair loss will want to hear this good news that was shared with me by a client who is a doctor at the Polyclinic. She works with women who have this condition (Alopecia). The good news is that the hair loss products offered to men to restore thinning hair actually work better on females than males. She gave me the following recommendations which she shares with her patients so that I could share it with my clients...

First off, she said that it's good to have an 'iron panel study' and that iron saturation should be in the 30's. If low, take iron supplements. She says one pill daily (over the counter) 'slow-FE' for 3 months. Talk to your doctor about this portion.

Here's the product info:
Rogaine FOAM for men in the 5% solution (available at Costco).. one to two capfulls once daily to DRY HAIR (very important it not be applied to wet hair, she stressed this because if applied to wet hair it will migrate and you will grow hair from your forehead where you don't want it!).

I hope this is helpful!
Please feel free to share your own experiences with Hair Loss, leave a comment!

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