Friday, September 25, 2009

The beauty of the color gloss!

I am really loving this Seattle autumn weather.. and I think on some level people are really gearing up for the coming fall. I've been doing a lot of darkening these last few weeks. Lot's of people wanting richer colors and a hint of warm.

The color gloss is my number one choice for a rich, natural color that leaves the hair feeling silkier and looking shiny. What makes it different from a regular all-over color is that it does no lifting of the hair cuticle and natural pigment (as normal oxidative color does) it only deposits color. It even helps fine hair feel a bit thicker.

Today I had a client come in for a gloss. She is a natural dark blonde but prefers dark hair so she'd been coloring her long hair with box color for quite a while. Over time it was starting to look damaged and feel brittle and dry on the ends. I had talked to her about a color gloss in an off hand way - and I was pleasantly suprised when she actually showed up on my books with one a couple of months ago.

It looked great! It did all the things I hoped it would and left her shiny and no-longer dry looking. But when she came in today for another gloss and told me the first one faded and she went over it again with a box color.

I think there was a missunderstanding, I had told her if it fades in a week or two (as I thought it might because it was so pourous and dry from home color) to give me a call - but I didn't hear from her so I figured it was fine. I think she thought that I would charge her again to do it over (which I would not have within a two week window if it faded that fast). This time I explained that I would be happy to do another gloss over the first if it fades in a week or two because with the porosity of her hair it would probably take a few times to fill properly. By putting box color over it again it just puts us 2 steps back. I felt really bad for not making it clearer the first time..

So anyway, today I did another (beautiful rich brown) gloss and then I heat sealed deep conditioner and she left looking like a model.. I told her to call me if it fades too fast, and this time she promised she would!

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