Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas is Coming...!

Ok, I know this is a bit early - but you have to do these things while you are thinking of them right? I need to let everyone know that towards the end of December I have a trip I am going on so toward the end of the year there will not be that much time available. If you know your schedules and you think you will want your hair done for the holidays: book it now if you can! (go ahead and use the online scheduling program).. If it is before November 15 and you are trying to make an appointment and can't get in - shoot me an email and we will work it out. Unfortunately, if it is *after* November 15 there may not be a way to work you in.

I just want to let everyone know so that there is ample opportunity for you guys to have your hair looking good for the holidays!

I also want to update everyone on my status with the "Degenerative Disk Disease" (god that sounds awful!) I am really trying hard to follow a strict 6 hour rule, which means I am trying to limit my hours of doing hair to no more than 6 hours a day. I have found if I go much over that I am paying for it when I get home (stuck with an ice-pack and kind for down for the count). The good news is that 6 seems to be the magic number and I can pretty much work 6 hours and still see improvement (or at least not get worse) in my recovery. Right now the worst of it is only some lingering numbness in my left index finger. I have a referral for physical therapy and expect more good news to follow starting that.

So there you have it!
Remember to check your schedules and book now if you can for the holidays - and please know: I really want you guys to be happy with your hair and that's why I am nagging about this.. I don't want anyone unhappy because they can't get in at the last minute.. it's really hard for me when someone calls (especially when I know and love you!) who I can't physically accommodate.

NOTE: I have instituted an ongoing "Cancelation List." People do cancel and they are generally good about giving at least a days notice so sometimes I can still get you in last-minute, just fyi..

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