Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Keratin Smoothing Model Number 3!

So this was the most challenging smoothing to date because she has extremely curly hair. My main concern was using enough solution (I think I used more than necessary again.. the only downside to using more is that for the three days before you can wash it it will have some residue on it which can be annoying I'd imagine, but better safe than sorry was my thinking) and getting the flat iron close enough to the scalp to make it straight from scalp to ends. With the tighter curl this was an issue and I used the detailing flat iron for almost all of the short hair in the back as well as the usual areas for using it (around the ears, bangs etc).

I absolutely LOVED her curly hair, but she was positive this was what she wanted (one big part of that is that it reverts back over time so it's not necessarily something she will need to upkeep and it's non-damaging etc. which are all plusses...)

Well, enough words.. here's the photos!

Okay now... are you ready for this?

Here it is!!

And some more just for fun! Ta-da!!

One thing I just can't get over is how different the hair FEELS! You can't tell from the photos how soft it is, but truly, it feels so soft and smooth after this process, it's like magic! Seriously, I am very excited to hear how it all goes with everyone after the three days is up.. !


kyd said...

one more day to go! :-)

and it still feels AWESOME, like "real" straight hair instead of curly hair that has been flattened into submission. for the first time i'm telling people to touch my hair, not yelling at them for fluffing it up, LOL!

karichuckroryskylar said...

AH-Mazing! Beautiful curly, and beautiful straight! Lynn, you are awesome!