Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keratin Smoothing Model Number 2!

One thing I have found is that less is more when it comes to applying the solution - I think I was heavy-handed when putting it on this time, but I was worried that if I didn't use enough, then the process wouldn't work as well after she washes it. Because she had strong healthy hair, I was actually worried that the solution wouldn't penetrate as well as it will on damaged/color treated hair. It will be interesting to find out how it goes!

She's going to keep me informed as to how it holds up after washing.. I am looking forward to hearing what all the models have to say about it next week, and farther down the road... I'll keep you posted!

Before and Afters:


Anonymous said...

I agree, less is more.
I work for a company which sells hair products and we're always telling our customers to use the Keratin hair straightener we sell (Zene Escova Progress, at www.escovaprogress.com, by the way)
To use sparingly.

One thing I would say that's really important, is not to leave an excessive amount on th ehair after completing the treatment.

We suggest using a find tooth comb after about 15 minutes, and prior to drying and straightening, to remove any excess solution.

Try it, it works :)

Lynn Caldeiro Styling said...

Thank you BB, I will definately use the fine tooth comb before drying and straightening next time, what a great tip!