Sunday, April 5, 2009

Keratin Smoothing.. Model Number 1

I am so excited about this service.. it has really ignited my passion for hair!

In fact, as soon as I can coordinate my schedule with Josephine I am going to have her do the treatment on me!! Really, after seeing how this stuff transforms dry, frazzly hair into luscious glowing locks, I can't wait!! Supposedly it also cuts drying time in half - but I can't speak to that yet as my first model still has two more days before she can shampoo/wash.. but she will let me know and of course, I will let YOU know!

Here is the email she sent with the photos (I could not believe I did this, but I FORGOT MY CAMERA that day, luckily she had one so she emailed me the photos)

"Hi! Here are the pictures... what is wrong with my eyes?? Feel free to post a disclaimer that I'm a lot cuter than I look in the pictures. Anyway, I look bad, but my hair looks great!!! I can't stop touching it. Thanks so much! I'll keep you posted, and I'm excited to see you in a few weeks for cut and color!"

I don't agree - I think she looks beautiful in real life and in the photos.. but that hair: WOW!! What a difference!!

I'll keep you posted on what happens after she starts washing it again..

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karichuckroryskylar said...

Very the way the bangs lay now! Great job Lynn!