Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lipstick that really sticks!

Ok, so this is not a 'hair' post, but I feel that (observing my fellow Seattlites) we could all use a little insight into easy ways to step it up a notch once in a while. I think there are alot of people who could benefit from a bit of color and Revlon's Colorstay lipstick (comes in a tube with one end the color and the other end a gloss that goes over it and can be reapplied as needed) is the best long-wearing lipstick I have ever used, bar none. It actually does exactly what it says and stays on for hours and hours even after eating etc.

I am not as pleased with the colors available but so far have liked (and used again and again as sort of staple standby's) Everlasting Rum, Extreme Spice and Faithfully Fawn. (Fawn being my least favorite of the trio). I think the mulberry is ok - but a little too pink for my skin tone.. I think the Rum and the Spice might be universally good on everyone, especially the Rum. Spice might need a bit more olive in the complexion to be complementary.

Anyway - a one minute application of long-wearing lipstick in the morning can give you a more put together look, even if you don't wear any other make-up. And it's a drug store brand so the investment is minimal.

Go for it!
Have some fun with a touch of color this summer. It just makes you look a little more ALIVE.


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