Thursday, May 1, 2008

Great Short Hair!

I had a really fun haircut today and I was so excited about it I forgot to take "before" shots - but the afters are so cute I think it's ok! See for yourself:

Lia came to see me becuase I do a friend of hers hair that she likes a lot and she'd had a bad experience with the last stylist she saw, but I'll explain about that in a bit..

Let me just take a minute to talk about this shape. American's seem to be afraid of this fashion-forward shape but I first noticed it from Josephine (who owns my salon) when she showed me some stuff from Barcelona (she owns property there so she goes there several times a year). I call this haircut a "Euro-mullet" and it's a very flattering shape for short hair, especially short hair that has some natural body such as Lia's!

Let's admire some more photos and I'll continue with my narrative...

So, in describing the cut she wanted, Lia (brilliantly) called it "organic" and I can't think of a better description than that. It hugs the head in all the right ways and accentuates the curve of the neck: very flattering for people with long slender necks (such as Lia) and it also has a way of making a neck APPEAR that way.. tricky-tricky! ;)

When Lia told me she was a Salsa dancer I immediately (though erroneously) made an association with paintings of Flamenco dancers and the swirly tendrils they wear. It all worked out even though Flamenco is Spanish and Salsa is Latin American.. but for purposes of the haircut the association was ok! With the natural curl and wave pattern in her hair we were also able to incorporate a sort of 1920's flapper finger-wave feel to the shaping in the front. I think the whole thing just turned out wonderfully! What to you think?

I think the key to making this feminine, feisty shape work is the texture of the cut and the attention to fine tuning personal details to make it flattering to the wearer.. not a formulaic, one size fits all haircut by any stretch (as opposed to a bob or similar geometric shape - which have their own appeal, but if not execute properly can look more like the cut is wearing you than the other way around!). This is a tailored and personalized hairstyle that, when done well, is effortlessly stylish and timeless. Unlike the dreaded 80's mullet that has put the fear of god into us American's so much that we hear the word "mullet" and run screaming as fast as we can! Lia even told me when she was trying to get her last stylist to do her hair the stylist said "I can't do that, you don't want to end up with a mullet now, do you?" and Lia replied "Yes, actually. I do want a mullet." and they stylist flat out refused to do the cut that way. She had to go back a few days later after almost deciding to take matters (read: scissors) into her own hands!

Technically, a mullet is just a cut where the back hair (nape) is longer than the front (in front of the ear). But, I think you will agree, this is not your seventh grade boyfriends mullet! (I know, I'm dating myself here!)

Anyway.. it was fun to do and I think Lia likes it too!

(NOTE: I just want to say that I had completed this entire post and lost it due to some stupid glitch with blogger.. GRRR!)

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