Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blonde Ambition

So, Heather has been my client for a few years now and we've progressed over time to the most awesome natural blonde! I asked her if I could share with you and she agreed so.. here's a before and after (about a year and a half between the two):
I was out and about with my camera this week, since I made the goal of posting at least one photo a week.. well. I chickened out twice and didn't ask if I could take a photo of the two potential people who had cool(ish) hair. But I asked Heather if I could post her hair transformation and since she said yes I thought this would be interesting in the interrum. Plus, it's MY work so that's good too.
Anyway. We started H with a few highlights:

Then, she told me she and her friends were doing a "Next Top Model" TV night and they wanted to dye her hair blonde, but she didn't want them to do it so we did a really heavy foil to lighten her up while keeping her looking very natural and she showed up and suprised them:
Then she came in and said she was ready - she wanted to be BLONDE so I did all over color with my Keune Highlift and here are the fabulouse photos. There's and old one from the first highlight just for fun too:


Madelyne said...

That looks great. Was it on scalp tinted or foiled? I've never used Kuene products but i must say that looks very natural.

Lynn Caldeiro Styling said...

Hi Madelyne!
I foiled her about 5 months prior and the photos shown are all-over color applied on scalp thru ends.

Thanks for reading!