Saturday, January 5, 2008

Locks of Love

October 2007 I visted my friend Kristin over halloween (which explains our get-up in the "before" photo):She had been growing her hair for a long time and was ready to cut it off. Since she'd grown it for so long she wanted to put it to good use so she decided to send it to Locks of Love (Locks for Love??). They have a 10 inch minimum length requirement so we had to cut it very short using multiple ponytails:
I had mailed everything prior to my trip, since I thought it would be a problem getting my shears through security at the airport (Seattle to Boston) so we did everything in her kitchen with my mailed supplies.. unfortunately, the one thing I forgot to pack was brushes for the color I was planning to do (knowing if we cut her hair short it would end up looking much darker than she is used to - and I was right!) So I ended up using what I could for the foils, if you are a hairdresser reading this you may find it amusing:
The finished result was very good, in my opinion..

Now some child has a great wig while undergoing cancer treatment thanks to my friend. I'll try and post how her hair is growing out for her and what it's been like in later posts.

I really need to send her a care package of some products - short hair like this requires product and styling (which is why I am prone to longer hair because I find it easier to manage on days I don't want to "do" it, a ponytail or quick braid does the trick for me just fine). That's on my list of things to do but I somehow have not managed to do it yet.. Tomorrow! I will do it first thing!!

Happiness and Joy to all.

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