Thursday, December 20, 2007

Extreme Hair

You know, it occurred to me that I really don't get that much opportunity to do very much extreme hair. I thought about it and Punk Rock hair is darn fun to cut and color. I think one of the reasons I don't get to do it much is a) the essence of punk rock style is kind of do-it-yourself, screw the establishment etc. etc. and b) most punk rock clients don't have a lot of money to spend getting their hair done so they have to do it themselves.

Well... I'm throwing this out into the world. If anyone comes wants a mohawk, extreme fauxhawk or other extreme hairstyle - I'll do the cut for free! and throw in an extreme color job (I'm talking jet-black, blue, blue-black, green, orange, pink, purple etc.) for a $10 product charge. In other words I won't charge for my time provided they agree to be a featured model here on my blog. I’ll need to know about it before hand so I can be sure to have the necessary product available so be sure to call me for a consultation beforehand.

I hate to be sexist - but I think I am going to limit this to only females

So if you feel like making a major life change - or you are a do-it-yourself punk rocker who could use some professional help (especially with color!) don't wait anymore - now's your chance! Call me and make an appointment!! Tell the receptionist you’d like me to call you to discuss your color and mention this post (to me, not to her – she won’t know what the hell you’re talking about…)

How fun, hope someone calls for this!
Lynn Caldeiro
for appointment: 206.322.9280
Offer Expires December 31, 2008

*all these photos are just stuff I got randomly off the internet. If someone calls for this offer I'll post photos on this blog as well as my website gallery which is not yet up..

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Lynn Caldeiro Styling said...

Just in case anyone was every wondering.. not a single person took me up on ths! :(