Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kate Beckinsale's Great Hair

This post is just an ode to Kate Beckinsale's luscious locks. I love the color and the length and the long loose sexy waves with just the right amount of layering to give it some shape. The only thing about it that could be improved on (in my humble opinion) is that it looks a little not-so-shiny. She could use a shine serum or possibly a clear cellophane to ad some shine back. I recommend as a shine serum:
Though I have to say, if you are a serious bleacher or have highly damaged hair I have to recommend:

K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum found on this page:
*Unfortunately we don't have the KPak at E*Clips, but I think you can get it at Greenwood on 85th... at least you could back in the day!
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