Monday, July 27, 2015

Returning from Absence due to Illness.

Dear Clients,

During the past weeks I had to, with the help of my husband; cancel your appointments with little or no explanation. Not many of you know that I have been diagnosed with Bipolar 1. It is a fairly serious mental illness. If you are interested here is an article about Bipolar 1 disorder from Harvard Medical School: (

I don’t remember many interactions during the period I was away mostly due to the mania and also the medications to treat it. I know there was some phone contact with some of you and I did not communicate very much because of the state I was in. I basically tried to defer most interactions having to do with the business to Ryan and he did his best but he was pretty stressed out just trying to take care of me.

I hope all of you were able to either go see one of the stylists I recommended or were able to wait and it wasn’t a major inconvenience.  For us here at the Caldeiro house, we took it slowly day by and day and considered it a victory that this time I did not need to be hospitalized. Ryan was able to take time off and supervise me through the worst of it. Some of my symptoms, if you are interested, are explained here: (

I have taken all my medication daily, as prescribed, since I was diagnosed in 2010. I think of myself as normal.  I believe the people who suffer with bipolar disorder often do so in silence (as I have typically done) rather than face the uncomfortable conversation about something that is, for me, just a small part of who I am. I think most of us know someone with mental illness without knowing they know them. Perhaps in this instance I am that person you didn’t know you know. There is a cultural stigma and a lot of misconception around mental illness and bipolar disorder in general. Usually, I prefer to let comments go rather than discuss my own experiences. I hope this episode does not change your opinions about me.

I’ve decided effective immediately; I will go back to work doing hair 2 days a week until I am back up to 100%. This will allow me to schedule in the people I cancelled on in the off days for now to get caught up. Instead of a set schedule I will have a floating schedule. At least one weekend a month I plan to work both Saturday and Sunday.  Instead of several short days I will just work a few longer days. Eventually I will move up to three days a week and two weekends a month. Going on to schedulicity as usual to book will tell you what is available for any given week. And yes, please email or txt if you really need to get in and there doesn’t seem to be a space. It will be much easier to accommodate now.

All in all, I have high hopes that things at Studio Three will spring back to life and we will get back to gorgeous hair as usual. Thank you for your understanding and your friendship over the years. I hope to see you all soon!




Lindsay said...

Much love to you Lynn! You are a brave, beautiful, and talented lady! XOXO

Amara said...

Lynn, I just saw and read this. I think this is such a gift to us - and to the many people living with mental illness - and to their loved ones. Your honesty and vulnerability is an inspiration. And, as with any ongoing medical condition, it takes care and management and occasional time off. I'm glad you're back at it in a way that is doable for you. Hurray!