Thursday, May 14, 2015

Certified Lash Extensionist since 2012

I always like continuing education and staying up on the latest trends so when lash extensions first came on the market I was one of the first people (I knew) to try them. As soon as I found a good certificate program I jumped on it.

I recently came across my Lash Extension Certification Certificate and that prompted me to make this post. I don't actually offer this on my service menu but I went thru the course and can answer questions if you have some.

I have had eyelash extensions myself and enjoyed them but what I found for me that I like as a routine is an eyelash serum coupled with a 3D fiberlash mascara. I find this a more affordable option than the expense of extensions which I recommend only for special occasions like a vacation or important trip or wedding. I happen to have fairly long lashes anyway and a serum (like latisse) really makes a huge difference for me. I have friends with more "normal" length lashes and the serum doesn't give them the bang for their buck they are looking for. Still, extensions for long-term are, in my opinion, a bad idea. Special occasion only is my opinion and I'm sticking to that.

For fiber lash mascara I use Cherry Blossom which I used to sell in the salon but didn't find much demand for. Between Cherry Blossom and Younique I probably like Younique better because it's "blacker" and looks more dramatic. The Cherry Blossom is good but a bit "natural" if that's what you are looking for, maybe go with Cherry Blossom. 

For serum I LOVED LiLash but it's not available anymore (and my secret back stash is all gone -think Elaine's "sponge" stash from Seinfeld - lol). I am using a few different serums now and recently got a new one called NeuLash from Skin Research Laboratories that I have high hopes for. Once I use up my current experimental one (that I don't love) I will try it out. Fingers crossed!

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