Friday, June 29, 2012

Update on My Hair Journey

So.. I was saying a few posts back how I went to my friend Vanessa and we have a highlight plan. Can I just say: LOVING IT. (note: Vanessa moved back to Salon Blast, just fyi) So last time I saw her I showed her my current hair inspiration the amazing and talented Anne Bancroft:
(one of the reasons I love Vanessa is because she is really funny and the first thing she said when I showed her this picture was "Aaahh. So you want a little Mrs. Robinson thing going on with your hair, huh?" I think I turned bright red because I never thought of that, I swear!! :) Anyway.. so here's a photo of my Mrs. Robinson inspired highlights. I couldn't be happier with them!
I wish someone would come in and want this hair - I would LOVE to do it on somebody else!

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