Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good to connect with old friends!

I just had my own hair foiled (I know, unbelieveble - I am so lame about getting my own hair done!) by my good friend Vanessa Pugliese who just moved over to Fredericks Salon in Greenwood (very close to my house by the way!). I love it.. I can't wait to get more! We worked out a whole plan for getting foils and over time getting lots and lots of different tones in my hair. I think having my hair foiled is going to be a lot better for the emerging gray I've been having issues with. I was glossing my hair (probably way to dark - but my husband likes it really dark) all this time and suddenly I woke up one day and felt like it was just super solid and practically black (reading between the lines that means to harsh for my age). I'll post some photos of the new highlights and the over time process of getting my hair as varieted in color (still brunette of course) as I want it. Keep you posted!

Photo added at a later date (my motto: better late than never!!)

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