Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feeback: KS Model Number 2

Wow - I am so amazed by the email I received this morning from my second model! I think it speaks for itself that she went above and beyond for me on her feedback - Thank you thank you thank you! I really appreciate it..
Here is what she said:

"Keratin Smoothing By Coppola – A Week Later!
I had the Keratin treatment about a week ago and have washed my hair twice since then. I think the results are awesome! The description of the treatment is 100% accurate when it says that my hair is 95% frizz free. And like others, I agree that my hair takes less than half the time to blow dry than it did previously.

From the previous post, people can see that my hair is naturally wavy and frizzy. I want to say that now, after the treatment, after blow drying, my hair looks the way it did when I would blow dry and straighten my hair with product and a flat iron before the treatment. After blow drying, my hair looks pretty straight and very shiny/silky. Now, if I use the flat iron on top of the treatment, my hair looks awesome – like perfect locks! After Easter service yesterday, I had a friend come up to me after the service and tell me she couldn’t stop staring at my hair during the service and was wondering who had such shiny, silky looking hair! I have received several compliments on my hair and I never shy from telling them that it’s not “real” and they can have such beautiful hair too!!

As for shampoo and conditioner, I forgot to ask Lynn while I was at her salon so I did some research online and ended up buying John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Reconstructing Shampoo and Conditioner. I love the way it smells and it is both sodium chloride and SLS/ALS free. Since I have both new hair and new shampoo/conditioner, I don’t know how much the new shampoo/conditioner contribute to my hair’s loveliness but it seems to be working well so I’ll stick with it for now!

Since I have also had the Japanese straightening (Thermal Reconstruction) about 5 times in my life over the last 10 years, I thought I’d write a little bit about the differences between the two treatments.

There are three main differences between the TR and Keratin Treatment (in my opinion/experience):

#1) With TR, you end up with pin-straight hair. It looks gorgeous and requires absolutely no work. Whenever I had TR done, for about 6-8 months, I could shower and go. I didn’t even have to blow dry. My hair would dry perfectly straight and look perfectly beautiful – very shiny and silky. It is definitely no-muss, no fuss!!

With the Keratin Smoothing, your hair is not pin-straight. It’s whatever your hair was, but more manageable and infinitely more shiny/silky plus almost frizz free (if not entirely frizz free). My hair is still slightly wavy but very shiny and healthy looking. However, it does take some work to make it look “perfect” (I know “perfect” is different for everyone! I mean, honestly, my hair looks great now without doing too much too it, but I like the straight/smoothed look). However, it’s way less work and time-intensive then it was when I did not have the keratin smoothing treatment.

But, because of the difference between the two treatments, you can’t really curl your hair with TR while with Keratin Smoothing, you can still style your hair, pretty much anyway you want to!
#2) With TR, although my hair was beautiful and no muss – no fuss, in about 6-8 months, it starts to look damaged and a little scraggly. And this is because, as Lynn emphasizes, TR really does damage your hair. You are rearranging the chemical bonds in your hair into a straight pattern. So, although it looks great in the beginning, it starts to get worn looking. I’m one of those who refused to get touch ups and would let it all grow out before doing it again (I’d get it done once every two years). I’d rather have perfect looking hair for 6-8 months than perpetually scraggly looking hair.

With Keratin Smoothing, your hair might start to revert back to its old self, but it’s not damaged and I highly doubt it will look as damaged and scraggly as it would with the TR, since there is no breaking and rearranging of chemical bonds.

3) To have great results with TR, it’s really important that you don’t dye your hair. It compromises the integrity of your hair so that there could be some real damage to your hair after having TR (like breakage, etc). Due to this, I have not dyed or highlighted my hair in 10 years! I’ve been stuck with the same boring color!!

However, with Keratin Smoothing, you can have dyed/treated hair. And apparently, it allows the Keratin to deeper penetrate your hair! I’m going this weekend to get my hair cut/dyed! Yay for my new hair life!!

Overall, I think the Keratin Smoothing treatment is a huge advantage over TR. It’s not as extreme. You can style your hair and do whatever you want. There’s not ridiculous looking grow-out (depending on your type of hair/texture). It gives you flexibility in terms of style, color, etc! There aren’t as many restrictions! And overall, you just have greater flexibility and I think that it’s definitely worth it. Plus, it’s not like Keratin Smoothing is inferior, it’s just different. My hair is still fabulously shiny and beautiful. Thank you so much Lynn for doing this for me!! I’ll continue to keep you updated with how my hair is doing and will also send you pics in the near future! "

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