Monday, March 30, 2009

Keratin Smoothing by Coppola

So, a picture is worth a thousand words right? Here are the before and afters from my certification class today:

Some brief information about this process (a more detailed post will follow in a week or so).

This smoothing process really IS non-damaging as no bonds in the hair are being broken. Japanese Straightening, Thermal Reconstruction (TR) and traditional relaxers damage the hair even though the hair is typically left FEELING good. With this process the hair feels good AND is not damaged. Really! Over time, damaged hair is actually healed from within, it is not just cosmetic smoothing!

The process is formaldehyde free! It is almost a chemical free process (by FDA guidelines it IS chemical free but what that really means is that there is less than 1% of chemicals in the solution so I would like to just throw FDA propaganda to the curb.. 1% is very little chemical but I thought people would like to know) and there is NO formaldehyde (which as you may remember from other posts was my beef with the Brazilian Straightening and why I decided not to do it).

Technically this is not a straightening procedure, though that is basically the end result – this is a frizz eliminator or smoothing procedure and also a conditioning treatment. Straighter hair is a nice side benefit. Smooth, soft, manageable hair is the goal though.

Once this is done, you CAN curl your hair with a curling iron and have waves. Also, this lasts 3 to 6 months and reverts slowly over time. Using a shampoo without sodium chloride extends the life of the service and the hair reverts back to it’s natural state at a slower rate. You can also color and bleach on the same day of service (as long as it is before, if you want to color after, wait 2 weeks).

I’ve thought about how to price this and some people charge by the hour others by the amount of product used. I have decided to go at a flat rate of $250 stating that this will probably take about 2 to 3 and a half hours. If you have short hair or not very dense hair and the process is significantly shorter because of that I will adjust accordingly. Also, if you are interested in having this done only in a particular area and not the whole head (for example just the bangs) I can accommodate that in the pricing as well, but over all – a $250 flat rate applies.

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ps. this model is in need of a haircut, but there was no time to address that in the class.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you, as a professiona, aren't a little bit more savvy when it comes to the Formaldehyde myth.
In Brazil the government is a lot more protectionist than in America and the use of this chemical in hair products was outlawed years ago.
i have to laugh when I see this rumour compounded by people who should no better.
But, I have to set the record straight as the nonsense affects my business, so here goes.

The American government has not banned the use of Formaldehyde and a number of 'renegade' companies now produce a product they call Escova, or Keratin, or Brazilian.
The down side is taht these poorly regulated US based firms are using concentrations as high as 2% in thier mix, to get straight hair...
Sadly, in the interest of American free enterprise, little regulation is made of these people and there are many cases of hairdressers creating their own individual mixes (Very dangerous)

Now in Brazil, where if I could remind, the government has already recognised the dangers and banned Formaldehyde, companies have had to be a little more clever.

Many have turned to natural products like macadamia, cocoa, coffee, chocolate and Acai and there are a number of fantastic new products breaking on the market.

I won't lie, I sell Escova Progressiva online, shipping hundreds of bottles a week all over the world.

I'm sorry if I'm ranting, but it makes me laugh when I hear people saying Brazilian hair straightener is dangerous, especially when they live in a country where you anybody can put anything in a bottle and call it what they like without ever having it tested or examined.


Lynn Caldeiro Styling said...

Dear Enrico,

I am the first to admit that I don't know all the companies producing the Brazilian Straightening, considering it was Japanese Straightening I have been trained to do. To be perfectly blunt, I did not want to invest in another system. After the reading I did when I first heard about Brazilian Straightening (which was that people, mostly in Miami, were mixing up a miracle concoction that looked like Japanese Straightening (also known as TR) in half the time and for half the money) I was very skeptical. After reading that most of these concoctions contained formaldehyde (in small amounts) and knowing the smell of formaldehyde and not wanting to be around it, I was completely against it. I have only recently decided to pursue education on this alternative smoothing method after being asked by many clients about this ‘new’ process and finding a company who's product I like.

It smells great, and contains no formaldehyde (rather an alternative protein carrier). I do not believe I ever said that Brazilian hair straightening is dangerous, only that I was not interested in investing in training or product that might contain formaldehyde and that because I don't want to be exposed to it. Frankly, it stinks. I take offense to your comment and wonder how much of my blog you have even read (or even how much of this particular post!) considering I do not see anywhere where I have said that Brazilian straightening (Escova products or otherwise) is dangerous. I have simply said that by my own choice I have been uninterested in using it on my clients. I take my professionalism very seriously and nothing is more important to me that the satisfaction, comfort and safety of my clients. Please do not in the future ever suggest otherwise. I like the Coppola product and am excited about using it. After the comment you left me I have very little enthusiasm for your rival product but you can be sure I will research it further, on the off chance it is superior to the product I have decided to go with. I cannot imagine ever wanting to work with your company, but as I said, my clients are my first priority so I will at the very least look at your website.

Lynn Caldeiro

Anonymous said...

Oh My...
I'm in the hair business for many years, both here and in Brasil and I can tell you all - Formaldehyde is an active ingredient in the hair straightening products !
Without it it will not work.
Some will try to sell you a so-called 'formaldehyde-free' product but they are not telling you the truth. Their product contains Formaldehyde or para-formaldehyde that will turn into formaldehyde when heated... now - you think there is no need for protection and this is the danger for the hairdresser and the client.
The only way to be sure - read their MSDS !

Lynn Caldeiro Styling said...

In Seattle, the average client is more concerned than many other places what the chemical make-up of the things they use on their bodies is. We are a pretty environmentally and health conscious community, which is one reason I have not jumped on this bandwagon much earlier. Keratin Smoothing by Coppola does not contain formaldahyde, but rather 'aldahyde' a derivative (a sort of cousin). Aldahyde can be an irritant, but is not toxic and it carries the protein (Keratin) better than anything else. Additionally, this product is only 1% non-natural chemical (aldahyde and benzoquinone -a blocker and activator that makes the keratin oxidize into the hair shaft rather than outside of the hair shaft) The rest is keratin from New Zeland lambs wool and some silicone. Also, this product is not a straightener (relaxer) but a smoother/frizz reducer.

I am in no way pushing this product. It is simply the demand for the service has led me to find, in my opinion, the best possible product to produce the results clients want. I feel I have found that in Keratin Smoothing by Coppola.

splattttttt said...

Dear Lynn, it's great to know that there are some conscientious professional's in the hair care industry such as your self, willing to take the time, to avoid unseen dangers from carcinogenics in the products were often exposed to.
I also have a great deal of concern regarding manufacturers promoting their hair product's with out any significant and honest data to back their claims. Ultimately leaving the consumer, and operator as well as our environment at risk.

Still though, I can't help but wonder how someone, generally speaking... Of whom may be lacking that degree necessary in chemistry would be able to safeguard them self's from falling prey to using such alternative based product's known of making safe claims?
Only to later find that NOW (a year later), a NEW study has deemed them dangerous as well?

There is allot that schepticism envolving how the FDA and other governing bodies regulate what is considered safe for human concumption, and that doesn't end here.
I believe that even being a chemist isn't always enogh to be able to distiguish what some chemicals are, or how they may react under certain conditions.
Take for instance that... There are chemical that when they combine with other factors, will morph into, or mimic particular chemicals that would inadvertently might at some point in time may be deemed unsafe, but since they cannot be categorized the same, they manage to slip under the radar, that is until eventually someone raises a red flag.
One of these so called alternative based chemicals know as Aldehyde [url][/url] may be just that, and is often found in many of the Keratin based thermal straightening systems.

So when is safe really safe?

Lynn Caldeiro Styling said...

Dear Splatttt:
Thank you for your well thought-out comment, I am going to post this dialog as a post in the blog especially because you give some interesting information about aldehyde and it can help people in making their decisions. My full response can be viewed as a post along with your original comment. The post is titled "A Good Comment" and can be accesed by using the Keratin Smoothing lable to the left.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.