Friday, April 3, 2009

Keratin Smoothing Do's and Don'ts...

For the first three days after the treatment, here are the rules:

For the first three days following treatment you must wear your hair down at all times (no pinning it up or ponytails as it will create creases and 'dents' in your new smooth hair)

If your hair gets wet for any reason (rain, sweat) or if you do get a 'dent' or whatever you must blow dry it and flat iron it as soon as possible back to smooth (for the first 72 hours/3 days)

You CAN style your hair with a blowdryer or flat iron (no curling irons - must wear hair smooth/straight for three days)

Pull hair back in a silk scarf when taking a shower, if it gets wet blowdry and flat iron as soon as possible

Wear a silk scarf to pull your hair away from your face (when washing etc - or just when pulling back for whatever reason) this is gentler than headbands (even cotton or elastic) and rubberbands, clips etc.

Use a sodium chloride free shampoo for the first washing after the 72 hour period is over.

Do not wash or wet your hair for 72 hours (3 days)
Do not tie your hair in a ponytail
Do not wear hair clips
Do not wear hair bands
Do not excercise excessively (sweat)
Do not place hair behind your ears
Do not wear bobby pins
Do not rest glasses on hair or use them to hod the hair back

This is necessary to ensure the best and longest lasting results. I know it sounds a bit difficult, but once I have some people who've had the treatment I will post information for them on how hard it is to follow and what their experience is. So stay tuned!


kyd said...

hey lynn, i've gotten SO many compliments on my hair today! my friend from work looked right at me and didn't even recognize me on the elevator this morning. HA! can't wait to see how it turns out when i wash it!

the shampoo/conditioner stuff that i read a lot of people liked was the Pureology Hydrate , sulfate free and good for color treated hair as well.

tina111 said...

I told my stylist, I wanted soft curls on the tips but nw it fully straight n i lost the lilttle volume i had :( ...:( its been almost 9hrs since my smoothening) can I use a curler to my tips??? plz help..