Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Extension Love!

So today I got to do something I LOVE: extensions!

This client had had some extensions put in in California with a system that uses these things called "linkies" which basically clamps the extension hair to your own hair using a metal clamp or link (hence "linkies"). The difference between linkies and my fusion method is that the linkies are metal clamps that have sharp corners.. I feel they can damage the hair just from the wear and tear of the sharp corners - and on top of that, my client wasn't really told how to care for them properly ..she wasn't given a good brush for getting down to the scalp (SO IMPORTANT).

She said the second time she had them touched up in California, they just took some out and put new ones in. here's a close up photo of one of the matts left over after removing the metal clamp.. not as clear as I would have liked:

To avoid getting matts and tangles in the hair between where the extension is bonded and the new growth, it is important to brush the hair, down to the scalp (scalp to ends), three times a day. Since the extention will hold in the hair that is naturally shed, some tangles are inevitable the longer they are left in, but brushing three times a day reduces problems with matting. Enough on the technical stuff, let's get to the fun stuff! Here's the before and after shots:

So much fun! I LOVE extensions!!

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