Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Catch Up!

The last time Cynara had her hair colored or cut was 8 months ago when I brought it from medium/dark brown to dark blonde. She had about 4 inches of grow-out (though admitedly it blended pretty well). So, We had our work cut out for us, but I think it turned out beautifully! What do you think?

Because she wants to keep growing her hair out (I can't believe it was just at shoulder length last time I saw her!) I suggested she start using a weekly deep conditioner. Keune makes a good one (care Line, Hair Mask) but if you want to purchase it, call the salon since it's not in stock very often, we can special order it for you. Here's a link Keune Hair Mask A drugstore alternative would be Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Hair Mask Read about it here When you are growing your hair out long, deep conditioning is a must. Additionally, a drop of olive oil to the ends of your hair will keep your ends from splitting (a TINY amount, so little no one will notice you are putting it in! Just a drop in your palms, rub them together so your hands are shiny and then run your hands through the end of your pony tail). The pH of the olive oil causes your hair shaft to close down tighter and makes it compact. Also, jojoba oil can be used, but olive oil works fine and most everyone has it at home - extra virgin. The pH of jojoba oil is closest to the oil your scalp produces, but olive oil is next in line and typically everyone has it on hand. Hope that's helpful!

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