Monday, February 25, 2008

Extensions For Thicker Hair

So, I had this bright idea last time I colored Kat's hair: to use her as an extension model for my website and this blog! I proposed the idea and she was very excited about it.. Hooray.

Kat is the perfect candidate for getting extensions for fuller, thicker looking hair. Her hair is generally in good condition (we put a color gloss on it every 8 weeks and she takes good care of it between colors), the only thing is she can't get it to grow past her shoulders because it's too thin looking on the ends. I set her up for a 4 hour block of time today and we did before and after photos: FUN!

I colored Kat's hair as usual on Saturday and put in a few extension strands without pre-treating or pH balancing, just so she could get a feel for what they would be like. I expected them to all fall out by today, but not a single one did so I have high hopes the "real deal" (ph balanced etc) will hold up wonderfully! I removed the ones I had put in Saturday (they were the wrong color anyway) and did the before photos, then I applied the extensions (which took about 3 hours) and then we did some after photos. Then I used a curling iron and styled it up with some sass and Kat is off to Chicago! We made a follow up appoinmtent for two weeks and I will remove the extensions if she decides she doesn't want to keep them in any longer. The hardest part of extensions is getting used to having them in your hair and not being able to just run your fingers through it.. Kat described it like "having tiny shoelaces in your hair" and that is a great way to describe the bonds. Here's a photo of what the bonds look like up close:

and here's the before after photos...
Back before, back after extensions and back styled:

Left Side Before, Left Side After Extensions, Left Side Styled:

Right Side Before, Right Side After Extensions, Right Side Styled:

Front Before, Front After Extension and Front Styled:

and last but not least a very happy Kat!!

Please see my website to read more about the care and maintenance of extensions:
Extensions at Lynn's Website

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