Friday, January 11, 2008

Praise Where Praise is Due...

This hair blog blows mine out of the water:

Other Cool Hair Blog

Deep sigh.
Maybe I am trying to be too "serious" -this chick isn't even a hairdresser but her advice is great - she knows what she's talking about. She SHOULD be a hairdresser.

Gumble grumble grumble.

(But I can't stop reading it!)

Ok, So, I just realized - I CAN DO A SPIN ON THIS, DAMMIT. Duh, Why didn't I realize that? So.. Email me if you want hair suggestions and send me a photo. Maybe even come see me and we can do a before and after photos... even MORE FUN! Ha!

note: I have not always been very consistent about checking my business email - because most of the time it's not got anything fun in it, just bank stuff and ad stuff - so I check it like once a week, but if I notice more fun emails starting to come through requesting hair/blog action I will DEFINATELY check it more frequently...

I've also not kept up on my new years resolution to post to this blog everyweek - but It's still on my radar - I think it will continue to improve. Thanks for being patient and encouraging, it's way more fun to post stuff when you all comment or email me.. so I actually realize there are people reading.. :)

I do have a new goal to ad to my ever-growing list: buy a laptop so I can be more effective during downtime at work. It would be very cool if I could check email and do blog stuff out and about rather than just at home at night. SO, that's something I'm planning on doing and in the next several months.

That's all.

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karichuckroryskylar said...

I didn't send it to you so that you would feel bad!!! I thought you could take some inspiration...maybe write in with your opinion.

Also, I think the link is broken.