Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tim Hartley Show at The Fenix

As part of my continuing education, I went to the Tim Hartley show with my friend and fellow stylist, Vanessa Pugliese (Salon Blast, Seattle). Events like these are like hairdresser conferences with demonstrations of various techniques and designs usually performed by a famous veteran hairdresser (see below) and with lots of lights, music and glamour. They are very fun! I really enjoyed it and it was so nice to see people I hadn't seen in a long time - I saw at least 5 people I went to beauty school with and three from Habitude. It was very nice to catch up with everyone! Below are photos of the models from Tim Hartley's collections, several are ones he cut and styled on stage during the show:

About Tim Hartley:

After a 30 year career at Vidal Sassoon culminating in his renowned role as International Creative Director Tim has left the corporate world to concentrate on his own stunning visions of hair design. For over 30 years he's been inspiring generations of young hairdressers with his passionate approach to hair, cutting edge aesthetic and technical expertise. (from this website:

About Lynn's Continuing education goals:
I plan to attend at least three conferences or conventions a year so as to remain up-to-date on the latest trends and ideas around the world. I have to admitt, I am very excited that the International Hair Conference is being held in October 2007 in Barcelona... my salon's owner, Josephine Morales, ownes a condo in Barcelona... hmmmm... veeerrrry interesting!

Lots of fun things to think about!
-Lynn Caldeiro
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