Monday, January 29, 2007

Many Shades of Red

I did these reds on Wynne while I was working at Habitude with Aveda color. One of the problems with it is we always had trouble keeping the vibrancy. I had this idea for Wynne's red that I would layer all these different tonalities of violet and copper (RO & RV in avedaspeak) to come up with a true red rather than just using true red (RR) to begin with. I always liked the overall effect. After the initial color was done I would ad highlights with Enlightener and 10v just to further inhance the multi-dimensional quality of the color.

Those two photos are Kenue colors in Violet and Copper. One of the things I love so much about reds and redheads is how amazingly variable the color actually is. Another example why you can't really just ask for "red" because the color is so amazingly varied and complex. I think these all-over reds are beautiful - but, true-to-form, I prefer mixing lots of things together. In the copper color on the bottom I think it needs some (level 4) natural brown lowlights just to give the whole thing some wow-factor... maybe I can find someone who will let me do it and then I will post a picture.... any volunteers??

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