Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Experience is a comb which nature gives us when we are bald. ~Proverb

I love styling hair for a special event.

My long-time client asked me if I wouldn't mind giving her a blowout on the day of a networking event for her company. Of course I went one step further and fashioned an up-do based on her dress... duh!

We were pressed for time and she was working on the presentation while I did her hair, but we got her out the door both hair and presentation looking great!

I wasn't able to take a whole lot of photos but I was able to snap a few.. here's the highlights:

In case anyone is interested in my "process" I had her txt me a picture of the dress and I sent back a few ideas for hairstyles which she ok'd ahead of time. Then, I sketched my intentions and the above photos are the result. Maybe she will be able to send me some pictures taken at the event and we can see how my sketch compared to the end result. It's always a rough idea... you can't get an updo nailed down until you actually working on the hair itself. I say it takes two tries -minimum- to find a way to engineer a formal hairstyle. And in a perfect world you'd get three... A first time trial for the basic idea. A second to try out your "engineering" (for me that's the plans in my sketchbook) .. and a third to re-work after you run across all the quirks of everyone's individual heads... density and texture of hair etc.

Of course, according to this very client, I am a bona-fide "hair nerd" ...and I think I could actually be quintessentially, THE bona-fide hair nerd, if that were possible. So.. I probably over think this stuff.


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