Monday, May 12, 2014

Adding a Little Fire

This was a fun little red adventure.. For a long long time we had been highlighting and then low lighting with red (she's a natural level 5-6 brunette). As happens over time she was getting a little bored with the color and feeling kind of same-ole same-ole so we came up with a plan to ad lots of chunky red low lights (using the Keune Semi so it's super gentle and conditioning, and while there will be some fade-age I used the Red Intense series so I'm pretty confident she'll stay pretty true between services)

I think next time I will use a different hue from the Red Intense series and maybe just a few peek-a-boo highlights through the front and bangs but I can't wait to see over time how all the awesome red low lights come together for shimmering red calico!

I also like that because she's growing her hair long the Keune Semi will keep her hair as shiny as healthy as possible. Of course if the fade-age is too much I'll switch to the Tinta w/ 10v but I'm pretty hopeful we wont even need to do that. I think the heavy/chunky red highlight is much more interesting of a choice for red because going all-over is such a commitment to upkeep, even in Semi. But since it's got her own natural color all intermingles in there she can go longer between services and seeing as she's got a busy life with family, too much upkeep is just not manageable.

Yaaay for fun solutions and yaaay for smoking hot Red Hair!!

Enjoy the day everyone!

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