Monday, January 16, 2012

Vegas Hair Show 2011 - Installments. Part 1

I came across all the stuff on my phone of the Vegas hair show I went to last year - some of you might remember?

I thought I would post it, even though it's about a half a year old, because Hair Shows really are a lot of fun and I had a particularly good time at this one.

To give you an over-all idea of what the whole thing is like, it is basically the worlds funnest trade show. Booths everywhere of make-up and hair stuff and you all must know I am like a kid at a candy store when I go, which I am sure suprises no one on this earth...

This was my first experience taking video (with intention to post on my blog) with my iphone. I do show up in these briefly (this is supposed to be incentive to watch the stupid things). The second video is a little better because I kind of have the hang of it better. Enjoy!!

I like the 'style malfunction' in the second video. I think it actually looks good the way it fell down - and the platform artist (that's what the stylists are called at these things) handled it with grace.. Nice job Farouk team!

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