Thursday, February 12, 2009

Keratin Complex Straightening!

Finally, I have found a product for the Brazilian Keratin Treatment I am willing to invest in! Hooray!! Keratin Complex by Coppola WEBSITE I am going to be certified to offer Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy on March 30th and will begin performing the service thereafter!

For those who don't know what this is, it's a straightening system that infuses keratin (a protein) directly into the hair. It restores and restructures the hair leaving it glossy, smooth and frizz and curl free. It's gentle, does not cause damage (leaves the hair feeling noticeably softer, silkier and shinier) and reduces daily styling time. The procedure typically last 3 months depending on your hair type. This is like the Brazilian Keratin Treatment (basically a relaxer that is gentle and reverts over time) but it does NOT contain formaldehyde (as many forms of this treatment do).

I'll post photos from my training class and look forward to offering this long-awaited service. More information on pricing and appointment times to follow..


kdavidson said...

omg, i have been seriously contemplating finally taking the plunge and straightening my hair, but am so much more excited to read about this product!

how much will this run? (i'll start saving now!) maybe you need a test model :-)

Lynn Caldeiro Styling said...

Hi There! I will post more information on pricing etc after Monday. Thanks for commenting - it makes me feel like I made the right decision to get the training.

Tara said...

We love this stuff and we are getting amazing results!