Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Fit Deep Conditioning into Your Life..

As a hairdresser, one of the things I hear myself telling people over and over is that deep conditioning is an essential for healthy hair, especially as it starts to grow longer. If you have hair that is 7 inches long or longer you technically have "long hair."

At 7 inches your hair is at a length where the natural oils, essential for the health of your hair, are not able to reach the ends of your hair. You may experience dry ends and splitting as a result. I tell people "put a tiny drop of olive oil in the ends of your pony tail" but maybe 5% of the people whom I've suggested that to actually do it, most don't. I don't even do that myself anymore so I can't really wag my finger at anyone. I know how hard it is to take care of long hair, I struggle with it daily! I have found something that seems to be working for me and I thought I would share it. For me, it's the ultimate solution to the long hair/dryness situation. Deep conditioning, hair masks.. who is able to consistently deep condition on a weekly basis?  Come on, disrupting your shower to wait a half hour for your hair to condition is ridiculous! I just never found a way to make it work.. until the idea came to me..

Drum roll please...
Wait for it,

wait for it..


Personally, for me it's the best solution. I feel like I am 'accomplishing' more than just using the eliptical, bike or treadmill and watching old episodes of "Ugly Betty." Plus it's keeping me working out every day (and conditioning my HAIR for god's sakes!) so it really works for me!

I kind of debated even writing this post thinking it might sound kind of stupid but I figured it might inspire someone. Feel free to share your own experiences of how to fit taking care of your hair into your life.. it might help someone else - go ahead.. go for it!!

This photo is my hair - sorry for the poor quality. I have all kinds of color in my hair but it's still in pretty good shape thanks to my regular deep conditioning!

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