Saturday, November 11, 2023

Is It Worth Paying More for Salon Products?

In a word: Yes!

And I know this goes against what I have said in the past but in all my years of doing hair I have found through experience that salon quality products are just that, higher quality.

To invest in healthy, beautiful hair, salon products are your very best option.

I know it's tempting, when you can spend less on a drugstore product that is serviceable, why spend double or triple the money on salon products? The answer... professional products are better for your hair, and you might also be surprised to find professional salon products could actually cost less in the long run if you consider the outcome of your hair's health and longevity of your salon results.

I know products found at your local grocery store are appealing because they are affordable and convenient but there is a reason for the price difference between what you get from CVS and what you get from your salon. While most drugstore products contain the same or similar ingredients as salon products, the ingredients are diluted, and the ingredients are usually of a lower quality. You are not getting all of the benefits that come with the professional salon products.  

Also to consider, if you've just spent $160 - $200 having your hair colored, does it make sense to use a $9 -$15 bottle of Dove or Pantene to shampoo your newly colored hair and potentially strip out your toner? Definitely not, you should invest in the right products to maintain that color and keep your hair as healthy and vibrant as possible between visits. Yes, salon products cost more, but you don't need to use as much product as you would with drugstore brands because the salon quality products are highly concentrated with quality ingredients. Instead of a handful of shampoo and conditioner you would normally use, you need only use a small amount and that should be enough to clean your hair completely. Your single bottle of shampoo will last you a lot longer than what you are used to from the grocery store bottles you've purchased in the past.

For the best results, listen to your stylist and find those brands that work best for your hair and scalp - your hair will thank you for it!


Most of my clients know I am moving my retail over to a virtual store which can be accessed thru my website. I am only keeping a few special items and one very exclusive line in the salon. If you would like to order anything from me it's free shipping from my online store straight to your home. Go to my website and click the "Shop" button in the upper right corner. Use the link at the bottom of this post to find my website.

Happy Shopping! Lynn's Website

Friday, May 13, 2022

Another Studio Three Re-Branding Shoot


I am so excited about doing these photoshoots to re-brand Studio Three.

Shown here is my latest Muse, Jeanie. I have been doing her hair since 2005 - I can't believe it's been 17 years! Where does the time go??

I did a reverse partial highlight -$120 plus toner $10 for a total of $130 for this look. It was a fairly straightforward process because Jeannie had completely virgin hair so it was easy to lift evenly while keeping the integrity of the hair. It's pretty amazing I got 6 levels of lift just using Keune Magic Blonde and toning with Keune semi in Silver to cut the left over warmth in just one session.

I have more in store for Jeanie as far as hair transformations so stay tuned!!

Thank you to Jean Kercheval Photography for the photos and the MUA Studio Facade they both did amazing work and I love working with them!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

MUSE: Johanna, 54 yo

I have not seen the images from last Saturdays shoot but I am here to tell you, it was a great success! The camera just loved Johanna and her energy was amazing... can't wait to show you her photos. Stay tuned to Instagram as they will be available soon.

My Instagram: @studiothreehairsalon

Photographer: @jeankercheval

MUA: @studiofacade

Friday, April 8, 2022

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

 ...and a smile is worth a thousand more!


Full Foil, Keune Creme Bleach w/ 20v

Shadow Root, Keune Semi 7.2 

Midshaft to ends, Keune Semi Silver


Full Foil, $160

Shadow Root, $10

Toner, $10

K18 ad-on, $10

Total: $190

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Muse: Kate, 70

Kate has been a client of mine for almost 20 years. I love her sense of style and her sense of humor. What a wonderful model for my "brand" at Studio Three.

This is a little sneak-peak at her look behind-the-scenes before we started shooting. I absolutely love the photo, it might just be a little candid shot, but it really showcases Kate's beauty, inside and out!

Here's a breakdown of the total look, formula and price...

Color Formula

Highlight:     Keune Creme Bleach w 10v

Lowlights:    Keune Tinta 9 Ultimate Coverage w 20v

                      Half Keune 8 Ultimate Coverage and Half Keune 8.17 w 20v

                      Keune 7.2 w 20v


Color:           Partial Foil ($120) w three extra bowls of color ($10 each, $30 total)

K18:             $10

Haircut:        $50

Heat Style:   $60

Total Look:            $270.00  

Friday, March 25, 2022

Another Branding Photo Shoot!

 Color is on-point for another branding photo shoot tomorrow with the very talented photographer, Jean Kercheval. For this shoot we gave my wonderful model (Kate) a bright streak in the front (we call them her "Gloria Steinem" pieces) and toned the rest of her hair with three shades of blonde to enhance her existing hair color with a light, natural touch. I will share her formula with you all in a later post with the finished pictures.

I can't wait for Kate to meet the make-up artist tomorrow, it's probably the most fun and exciting part of the process! Here is a link to her Instagram: StudioFacade  Kate has agreed to be my muse and let me do whatever I like. Can't wait to show you her finished photos!



What better time than springtime in Seattle to try out a fresh cut? Whether it's losing a few inches or making a big cut to a brand-new style, now is the right time. Come in and let's sit down and talk about what you might like to have in store for your hair journey!

Book appointments here: ONLINE BOOKING

Be sure to get out there and enjoy some of this sunshine!


Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Studio Three Phasing Out OLAPLEX

 Hello All!

Many of you are already aware that I have adopted a new Bond Repairing System called K18 (click on the link for a short video of how K18 revolutionizes the process of repairing damaged hair). I've been using it in the salon for about 5 months now and I just no longer have needed to use Olaplex because K18 works twice as well at the same job. Right now I am offering K18 as a $10 ad-on service to any color or cut. and $25 as a stand alone treatment. 

I have not thought much about Olaplex since I started using K18 other than I never find myself using it or recommending it any more. Unofficially, I have just naturally been phasing it out by just not reordering inventory as the products have begun to sell out. Currently, I have two large bottles of the No. 3 (at home treatment) and two bottles of the No. 6 (smoothing cream). 

And now for the bad news... it has recently come to my attention that there is an issue with Olaplex No. 3 and an ingredient it contains called "Butylphenyl Methylpropional." Here is an excerpt from an article regarding this issue: 

"Back in 2020, a fragrance known as butylphenyl methylpropional - also referred to as lilial - was officially classified as 'reprotoxic' meaning it could have adverse effects on fertility, as well as on the development of a fetus.

As a result of this new classification, all products containing lilial must be off the shelves by 1st March 2022 in EU countries and Northern Ireland, while the Cosmetic, Toiletry & Perfumery Association (CTPA) has confirmed a ban in Great Britain is expected to follow soon." 

The whole article can be found here:   Olaplex Fertility Issues with No 3

Needless to say, I have removed all the Olaplex from my shelves (only the bottles of No.3 and No. 6 were left anyway) and will no longer be selling them. From what I can tell, the only Olaplex product containing the chemical in question (Butylphenyl Methylpropional/Lilial) is the No. 3 and I wanted to make you all aware of it as soon as possible. 

Olaplex definitely does great things for the hair and I think it is a very good product (sans the issue w No. 3) but I had already favored the K18 over Olaplex for many months now so this news was basically a catalyst for the announcement Studio Three is officially a K18 Salon.

Everybody enjoy this beautiful sunshine!



Friday, December 31, 2021



In order to keep from raising color prices, Studio Three will now be implementing the following:

Charging a $10 fee per bowl of toner.

Charging a $10 fee for doing a quick dry cut to dust off the ends after a color or chemical service.

Neither of these services need to be booked online, during the service we will assess what additional ad-ons and their associated fees will be.

Here is a link to the Service Menu for all current prices: STUDIO THREE SERVICE MENU

Have a Safe and Healthy Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Keune Hairstylist Awards 2021


Greetings from Studio Three!

Last month I entered the above submission to the Keune Global Hairstylist Awards 2021 under the category "True Beauty." You can read about the contest here: KEUNE GLOBAL HAIRSTYLIST AWARDS 2021 (Spoiler: I didn't win, but I felt like I did with these beautiful images)

I wanted to do a simple striking image that highlighted that healthy natural hair is beautiful hair. I first colored her hair with Keune Tinta 3 and 4 and then did babylight slices of Keune Magic Blonde through the front into the crown on the diagonal for some natural looking dimension. I then toned the lightened hair with Keune Semi 4 and 5 and styled with Keune Root Volumizer, Keune Keratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray and Keune Care Satin Oil Treatment on the ends. 

To get this look: All Over Color $70, Highlights with tone $52 (16 highlights charges a la cart), Cut $50  TOTAL: $172

Products: Keune Root Volumizer $25.94 / Keune Karatin Smooth 2-Phase Spray $28.10 / Keune Care Satin Oil Treatment $25.96

Note: I use KARG Shears from Zurich Switzerland for all my cutting work.

Here are some of the other images from the photo shoot. Which one is your favorite?

Photo Credits: Kercheval Photography