Monday, January 23, 2012

Mean Girlz Post.

Ok, so I had this thought and it's one major factor in why I decided to change my own hair. I'm no spring chicken myself so keep that in mind while you read because this post is going to come off pretty catty.

I color my hair, and have been coloring my hair dark-dark brown for several years. The main reason I did it is because my husband likes really dark hair, the other reason is because it's really easy for me to touch up a solid color by myself. Although, I have to admitt that as I have gotten older it's harder because I have to do it more frequently to keep up with the grey. I had to at least touch up my temple area every three weeks, which in my opinion is pretty high maintenance. But I digress..

I was at the gym one day, which is where I see all of the crap television I get exposed to since I refuse to watch it at home because I think it's degrading our culture and turning our collective brains to mush, and it struck me that the women on Real Housewives of New Jersey had the exact same hair color as me. I was kind of mortified.

I had been thinking for some time that my hair was maybe a little too dark and a little harsh for my age and maybe I should think about transitioning to a lighter color of brown but then it struck me: solid dark hair is the new trashy hair color. I know that sounds mean but hear me out.

I always thought that particular title was going to be forever the realm of that special shade of tinsely blonde favored by Pam Anderson, but time, apparenly, marches on and fashions change.

I think all of this was started by the lovely and inhumanly beautiful Kim Kardashian. Or maybe Megan Fox - I can't make up my mind. I don't know much about Ms. Karashian personally but I know that most women wouldn't mind trading looks with the girl, myself included. But she is young(ish) and perfectly complected (though I wonder how surgically enhanced that is?).

Now what these, albeit very image conscious though they are, women are lacking in their choice of hair color (and this hair is unarguably colored due to their age - which I realized is exactly what I was doing and if I wasn't where they are now I was certainly headed there) is DIMENSION. I am sure it's easier to match up their extensions and what not to the solid color they wear but it just looks.. choose your adjective: harsh, monochrome, fake, cheap..

I know this post is dripping with judgement, and it's no secret I think the Real Housewives anywhere are a scourge, but I think the solid, one-color hair thing is over (except in certain circles). New rockin hair is multi-dimensional. I think that goes for every shade, brunette, blonde and redhead. And I leave you with this image of what I am taking about.. Ms. Kunis (yes, the chick from Black Swan) has hair that says sophisticated, elegant, not over-done or over processed. It looks the complete opposite of cheap and trashy. Any questions??

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