Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello Again!

I must apologize for being so inconsistent about blogging. I am almost ready to make a resolution to be better, but alas, I can't commit. It is imminent however and things are changing.

Thanks to one of my clients (and this is a real 'duh' moment for me where I can't believe I never thought of it) I have decided to enact a 'fixed' schedule. In conversation she said something like "it just makes it easier to plan and figure things out." I have always sort of been hesitant to have a fixed schedule because I am always fitting people in during odd hours etc. But she said as long as the schedule is fixed people can plan accordingly. In addition to this change I have also decided to officially go down to three days a week. So, my new schedule will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 2pm to 8pm.

Kind of seems anticlimactic when I see it in black and white.. but it took me a long time to get to that, believe me. In the end I decided that I need my two day weekend with my husband too much for weekends - I hope this will work out for most people's schedules.

Remember to use my online scheduler for ease and convenience or call the salon at (206) 322-9280

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