Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update on X-Rays and Scheduling..

Well, this is a downer post I have to warn you right away.
I got a call from my doctor yesterday and my x-ray confirms muscle spasms and some
Degenerative Disk Disease (this is a common condition, much to my relief). But it scared me quite a bit when I got the news as I was really and truly expecting for them to say “Well your x-rays don’t show anything..”

Right after I got the call, one of my favorite people came in to get her hair done and the first thing she asks me is “How’s your arm?” and as you all know, I am a terrible liar so I told her that it was funny that she should ask.. as I just got off the phone with my doctor etc. etc.

I was telling her about a predicament that came up just yesterday, before the doctor called. One of the front desk receptionists left me a list of clients who want/need to get in before Saturday, or October 2 or whatever various date. I know this is really a problem of my own making.. and I will have to discuss with this receptionist what is going on (I don’t get lists like that from the other receptionist). But in my heart of hearts I know this is because I almost always, without exception make time to fit people in when they say they need to get in. Even if it means I work a 10, 12, 14 hour day. I will say “yeah I can come in in the morning and take you before my first client” (add 2-3 hours to my day of standing and holding my arms up). Or, “Yeah, I can come in on Monday (or Tuesday) and take you so your hair will look great for xyz” (working 4 days turns into working 6 days – albeit not long days! On days off I like these I like to remind myself “it’s just a few hours”)

Please know right now that I am NOT complaining – I love what I do and I love doing hair and I love helping people feel good about their hair. The problem, as my client very graciously pointed out, is that if I don’t make a change I am going to short-change everybody else when I can’t physically work anymore and I just stop taking appointments at all because I’ve wrecked my neck and shoulders.

It’s a situation I have completely created myself because I have always set a precedent of fitting people in and in a way I have trained everyone (receptionist included apparently) to expect to be able to call and say they really really need to get it and be able to. I truly truly hate to tell people I can’t do something but it is not a sustainable way to work (as my current condition indicates)

I have to be honest, I am in a lot of pain and have been struggling with canceling my appointments for the next week but I am not going to do it because *if* I don’t work more than what is already scheduled and rest the rest of the time (Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays) take my medication and lay low I should be able to recover. But since I am being honest with myself, I have to make a sort of blanket policy change.. I have to say no sometimes. It sucks and I feel really guilty about it.

See, I told you this post was a downer.
Sorry everybody – I have to go make some phone calls and explain to people that I can’t fit them in this week. I am really not looking forward to that – and it’s making me sort of nauseated thinking about it, but that’s a therapy session in itself I am sure!

I hope everyone out there is doing well and taking care of themselves. We owe it to ourselves – and our clients to do that!

Peace and Love,

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