Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Intentions...

I started this blog with the intentions of doing something like this but about hair. Well, as you can see I have done preciose little snapping of hair photos... at first I told myself "well, once I make up busniess cards so people will know I am legit and not some freak taking their picture." Check. Then I said, well the weather is bad and peopel in Seattle don't do much with their hair. LAME. See, that's the thing - Seattle beats to it's own style drum and that goes for hair. I have noticed that there are A LOT of salons in Seattle. Almost as many salons as coffee houses, and new salons are opening up all the time.. people get their hair done here. Whether it's because they like the pampering and it helps with S.A.D. (seasonal affective dissorder) or whatever, there is a lot of hair being done in Seattle and nobody seems to be documenting it. I see the niche, why have I not filled it? I've been talking about this for like, what, a YEAR? I even STARTED the damned blog.. but I just keep filling it up with stupid filler crap.

Maybe I am worried about coming off not cool enough.
Maybe I am worried people won't agree with me about what works and what doesn't.
Maybe I am shy.
Maybe maybe maybe.

It's time for some action!
Some commitment!

Some GOALS for this Blog.

How about I set the following, very attainable goal:
One PHOTO post a week. For now. That's 4 a MONTH. I can DO that.
Doesn't have to be perfect. Can be whatever I want it to be. I will shoot what I like and say what I think. I mean, geesh, I bought the new camera, I made up the business cards with the blog on the back. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM!?

Well, no more. I have goals, I have a direction. I also have a wonderful artist client who told me about how Chuck Close said he made his first big break away from just copying other artists style: He took a concept (abstract, big) and he set parameters, or rules, for himself and worked within the set boundaries (self imposed). I can learn from that here.. I have had so much potential for creativity it was completely overwhelming, I was paralyzed with possibilities. Now I am setting paramaters: One week, One post, One photo (min).

Also, I will label the post by cut type, color technique and other information that, in the future, people may find helpful in categorizing by.

There, problem solved.
Let the blogging [officially] begin.

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