Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New Direction....

I have definitely been remiss in my blogging efforts, AND I need a new digital camera as my old one is kaput. So, I have decided to make a concerted effort to post a blog at least once a week on something hair related (I can't predict exactly what it will be - but it could get pretty creative in the interim before I get a new camera... perhaps some creative writing, no promises, but perhaps).

I have been reading a blog by the owner of a new nail salon called "Julep" which I tried yesterday (great!) and it gave me the idea to do something a little similar which is to write about my experience as a small business owner/leaser as well as my experience as a stylist. So.. I'll be focusing some energy into that I think and see where it takes me.

Well, Happy 4th everyone!

More soon...

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Lynn Caldeiro Styling said...

hmmm. I see I have been remiss in my goal of posting more... I will have to remedy this situation. Apologies all around!